El aula en casa | English class. Online safari tour

El aula en casa | English class. Online safari tour

We are also keeping contact by videoconference with our 3 and 4 year old preschool children, even though at these ages it is not easy for kids to keep their attention for a long time.

All home activities proposed last week were about the jungle and wild animals, same as the videoconference session, where she proposed an “online safari tour” to introduce the animals to children. They had their morning meeting and some listening activities around this topic (like  identifying different sounds with their corresponding animals).

Finally, Lydia –English teacher- told them and represented a story that explores concepts such as solidarity, generosity and dreams: A taste of the Moon, a story about how wishes  that at first may seem impossible to achieve are made possible thanks to cooperation with others. All sorts of different animals join in to help: the tortoise (who supports the world, according to mythology), the elephant, the giraffe, the lion, the fox, the monkey, and finally the tiniest of them all… the mouse.

It was a very interactive class that children enjoyed a lot participating and retelling the story with their animal toys at home.


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